Children and Youth Protection

How does the German law protect children and teens?

Children and adolescents need appropriate protection- that is why they are subject to specific regulations. Not only are children and adolescents prohibited from the consumption of alcohol and tobacco or going to bars and clubs, but the law also regulates the consumption of films and video games by minors. Its purpose is to protect health and development of children.

What is my child allowed to do and what not? 

Are children and adolescents allowed to smoke? 

Are children and teens allowed to drink alcohol?

Are children and teens allowed in bars and clubs?

Can children and teens go to cinema alone?

Is there a rating regarding movies and video games suitable for minors?

 Are children and adolescents allowed to work?


If your child smokes, drinks alcohol, or does things they are not old enough to do, try to speak openly with them. Stay calm and matter-of-fact: Tell them about the numerous negative consequences (addiction, illness, etc.) that their behaviour may cause. You can find help at many Family & Parenting Advice centres or the Youth Migration Service (JMD). You can learn more in our chapter "Parenting".