Student Visa

How can I come to Germany to study?

Germany has many outstanding colleges and universities and numerous international students. To come to Germany to study, you will need a corresponding residence permit, i.e., a "residence permit for the purpose of studying" ("Aufenthaltserlaubnis zum Zweck des Studiums") regulated in Section 16b of the Residence Act. If you come from a so-called "third countries", however, you first need to apply for a "Visa for the purpose of studying". A student visa allows you to enter Germany legally and start your studies.

What do I need to know?

For which programmes can I obtain a student visa?

Where can I apply for the visa?

What documents do I need?

What happens after I come to Germany?

What happens after I graduate?


You can learn more about studying in Germany in our chapters "University System" and "University Application".