Youth Welfare Office

What are the tasks of the "Jugendamt"?

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The Youth Welfare Office ("Jugendamt") in Germany has numerous tasks and responsibilities- and almost every family comes into contact with their staff at least once. The Youth Welfare Office not only looks after neglected or abused children and adolescents but also provides advice and support for all other families. If you have any questions regarding childcare or face any challenges concerning your children, you can always reach out to the staff of the Youth Welfare Office at your place of residence. Children can also contact the Youth Welfare Office directly if they face any problems with their parents.

Important: The  Youth Welfare Office is responsible for all families residing in Germany, regardless of their nationality or residence status.

What do I need to know?

What is the Youth Welfare Office?

What are the tasks of the Youth Welfare Office?

How can the Youth Welfare Office help me?

Can the Youth Welfare Office take children away from families?

What should I do if the Youth Welfare Office wants to visit us?

I am a child in distress. What can I do?

There is a child about whom I am concerned. What can I do?


Ask for help without fear. If you face problems or are overwhelmed by childcare, the sooner you seek advice and support, the better.