Vocational Training: Orientation for Refugees

Who helps me find a vocational training position?

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Finding a vocational training position is usually not easy. The trainees often have to meet different requirements such as sufficient knowledge of German language or prior internship experience in the field. Furthermore, one has to stand compared to other applicants during the application process and job interview. If you cannot compete with other applicants, it is not so easy to enter the training market.

Since many refugees often find it challenging to find a vocational training position, there are various organisations and initiatives in Germany that facilitate their access to the training positions by offering different types of support, ranging from preparatory courses and orientation assistance to coaching and mentoring.

What are my options?

Vocational Training Preparatory Courses ("Ausbildungsvorbereitung")

Professional Orientation

Training Coaching or Mentoring

Where can I find these services?


After finishing your vocational training, you are a skilled worker. Skilled skilled workers are wanted in Germany and receive more for their work than unskilled workers. Vocational training can also be an opportunity for you to obtain long-term residence rights in Germany.