Do you have questions?

You probably have many more questions about your life in Germany: your stay, looking for an apartment, dealing with authorities or seeking financial aid from the state. Or maybe you are looking for medical care and psychological support. Or need more information about daycare, school or work.

You often cannot find a proper answer on Facebook, Youtube and Telegram because information tends to be pretty imprecise and confusing on social media channels. Or you may get misguiding answers in some social media groups.

That's why we created our community platform, „Together in Germany". There, you will find reliable and verified answers to all your questions from our moderators. You can also exchange ideas with other people seeking advice and receive support from various organisations. We will not leave you alone with complex, challenging questions.

The platform is free and available in German, Ukrainian, Arabic, Farsi/Dari, English, Turkish, French and Russian.

You can easily register at All you need is an email address or a profile on Facebook, Google or Twitter. Simply click on the icon at the top right or on the "Register" button. You can immediately start seeking information and asking questions after registration.