School Entry Health Checks

Which tests should my child go through before starting school?

In Germany, many children start school when they are 6 or 7 years old. The parents are often to decide precisely when a child starts school. But such a decision is not always easy to make. Therefore, paediatricians support parents in their decision-making. They examine the children and see whether they are ready for school or should wait another year. Such examinations are called "Schuleingangsuntersuchung" or school entry health tests and are cost-free and compulsory for all children who are about to start school in Germany.

What do I need to know?

What is "Schuleingangsuntersuchung"?

How exactly do the school entry health tests work?

What happens after school entry health tests?

At what age are school entry health tests carried out?

When and where do the school entry health tests take place?

I have not received an invitation to school entry health tests for my child. Where can I report?

What should I do if my child has a disability or illness?

How can I register my child for school entry health tests?

What do I need to present during school entry health tests?

My child is not ready for school yet. Where can I find support for my child?

My child cannot speak German well enough yet. What can I do?

Can I bring an interpreter with me to school entry health tests? Who pays for it?

Where can I find advice and support?


A child starting school could also mean extra stress for parents and siblings. On the website of the Federal Conference for Child Guidance Counseling e.V. (Bundeskonferenz für Erziehungsberatung e.V.), you can search (in German) for a counselling centre in your area. There you can also find counsellors who speak your language.