Schools in Germany

Which school is the right one?

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Education in Germany is regulated at the federal state level, meaning each of the 16 federal states has its school system. Only the general compulsory education and the grading system are same throughout Germany. The school-leaving qualifications obtained in any individual federal state is recognised throughout Germany. Here you can find information about the school system in Germany as well as advice regarding issues like extra tutoring and bullying in schools.

What do I need to know?

Does my child have to go to school? (Compulsory education)

Which school should my child attend?

How does the German grading and certificate system look like?

Where do children who do not speak German yet study?

Are there any alternatives to public schools?

My child has special needs. What should I do?

What can I do if my child is bullied?

What can I do if my child is bullied online?

What can I do when my child has difficulties learning at school?


If you have difficulties with a teacher, contact the school administration. In case your problem is with the school management, contact the school office ("Schulamt“) in your district. Alternatively, the JMD or the Parents' Hotline can help you in your language.

Here you can find detailed information on the schooling system in your federal estate of residence. These pages will be prepared gradually, so if the relevant page for you is not there yet, make sure you visit this page again later.