Cycling in Germany

What do I need to know?

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Cycling is healthy, good for the environment and -of course- lots of fun. In most German streets, there are specific pathways where you can safely ride your bike. Cycling is also a favourite, convenient means of transport in the German countrysides.

What should I know?

Where can I buy a bike?

Where can I have my bike repaired?

Which rules do I have to keep in mind?

Where can I or my child learn how to ride a bike?

Can I transport my bike using the train or the bus?

Enjoy your ride!


When you are on the road with a bike, the bike must be road-safe. That means it has to have reflectors, lights, brakes and a bell. If you are stopped by the police while riding an unsafe bike, you will have to pay a fine. At, you can find out how high the fine is.