What rules do I need to know about?

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Cycling is healthy, good for the environment and - of course - lots of fun.

There are many ways to buy a bicycle second hand with a cheap price, like in cycle shops or at a flea market. There are also organizations like RückenwindFahrräder für Flüchtlinge or the German Cyclist's Association ADFC which help to fix your bicycle yourself. 

Before cycling check the brakes, pedals, bell and lights. Reflectors helps to be seen. For more safety it is recommended to wear a helmet every time you ride, and keep in mind that using your bicycle after drinking alcohol is prohibited. If the police checks you, notices that you drank alcohol and it is more than 0,5 per mille, you will get a fine. If you repeat it or endanger people you may even lose your driving licence.

While cycling, you are part of the traffic, follow the road traffic act (StVO) and should focus on your surrounding. You should use bicycle lanes wherever available. Ride on the right side of the street. For children under 10 years it is allowed to ride on the sidewalk. Please never use your cell phone whilst cycling. If you have to make an important call, stop and get off your bicycle to do so. Of course you can take little children by bicycle, but only with a special seat. Alternatively, you can use a trailer attached to the back of your bike. If you are riding with friends, you must ride behind each other, and you are not allowed to hold on to vehicles around you. Use your lights as soon as it gets dark.

For more details, you can visit the website If you want to learn cycling you can also enroll a course in a cycling school.

Ride safely and enjoy!