Flea Markets in Germany

How are they different from regular shops?

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Some complain that household goods or clothing are expensive in Germany. But buying brand-new products is not the only option. In Germany, as in many other countries, there are bazaars ("markets") and online portals where you can buy or sell used goods cheaply. A market in which people can sell their goods privately and in person is called flea market (in German "Flohmarkt"). According to the German dictionary Duden, the origin of the word is unknown. French has the same expression, so it could be a direct translation.

More than just a bargain

These markets are not just bazaars, they have a long tradition. For many people, spending time at a flea market counts as a cultural activity. Some even visit flea markets as often as every week. There you can buy clothes, books, accessories, jewelry, household goods and other small items or decorative objects at a very low price. Flea markets are also a great alternative to throwing away unnecessary items and can ultimately help save the environment.

For some, it is almost a hobby to go to the flea market. Many enjoy walking around the stalls, eating snacks or grabbing a drink and searching for their favourite things. It can be pretty fun to buy, sell or exchange new and used items on weekly flea markets and similar online portals.

Where can I find a flea market?

Can I bargain at flea markets?

What else can I do at a flea market?

Online flea markets

If you are planning to furnish your apartment but - for any reason- do not want to spend too much money on it (e.g. If you receive financial assistance from the Social Welfare Office (“Sozialamt”) or Jobcenter to equip your home), shopping for furniture and household appliances through online flea markets would be a quite smart option. There are often also new and little-used items at an affordable price. On these portals, you can also find car rental offers and experts who can help you assemble your furniture and kitchen, all at reasonable prices. 


Watch out if you are purchasing bicycles or electronic devices! If someone sells you a bike without a bill, there is no way to make sure it is not stolen. In the case of electronic devices, there is usually no possibility of prior testing and no redemption guarantee.