Flea Markets in Germany

How are they different from regular shops?

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Many things such as household goods, branded clothing, jewellery or smaller furniture are quite expensive in many stores. But you can also buy all of these things second-hand on a so-called "flea market" ("Flohmarkt" or "Trödelmarkt") or online shops such as eBay. A flea market is a market where individuals can sell things that they no longer need. Where the word "flea market" comes from is unclear. It may be a direct translation from French. If you have things you no longer need, you can also sell them at a flea market or online to get rid of the clutter and earn some extra money.

What do I need to know?

Where can I find a flea market?

Can I bargain at flea markets?

What else can I do at a flea market?

How can I sell stuff at the flea market?

How do online flea markets work?


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