Mobile Service in Germany

How can I buy a cell phone in Germany?

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There are many different offers available for mobile communication, from long-term mobile phone contracts to prepaid cards. Here you can read about the difference of prepaid and postpaid, hidden information in mobile phone contracts, international calls and downloading regulation in Germany.


Many companies automatically provide you with more internet data when you finish your high speed data package. They will send you a text message to inform you about the extra data volume, for which you have to pay in addition to your normal bill. Even if you ignore this text, you will still have to pay for the extra internet data at the end of the month.

What do I need to know?

What types of SIM cards are there?

What types of offers can be inside the contract?

How and where can I buy a SIM card?

How can I activate the SIM card?

International calls

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Warning about illegal downloads

Be careful when you watch movies or download music from the internet – because many online file-sharing services are illegal. German law regarding the use of such portals is strict. If you dont observ, it could lead to a fine of several hundred euros or even more. Here is a report on this topic in English.