Where can I get support as a parent?

Parents are not only faced with the task of raising their children but also nurturing them to become developed adults. Of course, the parenting style you choose is entirely up to you. In many families, arguments and problems are part of everyday life - not only with teenagers but also with younger children. It is worth to mention that in their daily life, in daycare or school, a lot is demanded of children and they too are often exposed to stress and pressure.

Does your baby cry all night? Does your child have problems finding friends? What if your teenager doesn't listen to you anymore and for instance, comes home way too late? Does your child often react aggressively or hide in their room? Does your child spend all his free time on the computer or mobile phone? Does your child have problems at school? Or with the police? Do not worry! You are not alone with your concerns and responsibilities. In Germany, there is a broad network of advice centres and organisations specifically tasked to support parents in bringing up your children.

Important: Children in Germany are entitled to a violence-free upbringing.  As regulated in §1631 of the Civil Code, punishing or injuring children physically or mentally is forbidden- that includes, for instance, slapping, shoving, shaking, locking up, pulling the hair, blows, injuries to the skin, beatings, kicking as well as humiliation and intimidations and alike. If the Youth Welfare Office learns of a child abused in any way from a neighbour, Daycare Centre or school, they are legally bound to investigate the allegations. You can find out more about the responsibilities of the Youth Welfare Office in our chapter "Youth welfare office".

Where can I find help?

Parents hotline („Elternhotline“)

Early help („Frühe Hilfen“)

Family and Parenting Advice Centres

Support for refugee parents

Parents Meetings

Child and Youth Welfare Services


If you have anxieties and difficulties concerning your child or feel overwhelmed, you can also ask your child's Daycare Centre or school for help. Staff of childcare facilities and teachers can refer you to social workers or counselling centres specialised on child care.