What regulations apply to pets and their owners?

Man and woman petting dogs

Germans love keeping pets. Unlike farm animals, which are seen in the country side, some pets live like family members with their owners. But what are the regulations of keeping animals and which pets do Germans like best?

What do I need to know?

Why are pets so popular in Germany?

What kind of animals people usually keep as pets?

Rules and regulations for pet owners


If you plan on celebrating the Islamic sacrifice feast (“Opferfest”, Aid al-Adha) and want to slaughter an animal, you must first apply at the official veterinarian. Keep in mind that slaughter without anesthesia/stunning (ritual halal slaughter) is in principle prohibited according to the German animal welfare law and the German law for the protection of animals in context of slaughtering  (“Tierschutz-Schlachtverordnung”). But a special permission for religious reasons can be granted from the official veterinarian who is in charge for the pre-mortem inspection.