WBS: Affordable Flats in Germany

Can I rent a state-subsidised affordable apartment?

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The "Wohnberechtigungsschein" (WBS) is the certificate you require to rent a state-subsidised apartment. These apartments are cheaper than the local average. The state provides support for the landlords of these apartments  (for instance when renovations are due) so that the rents remain affordable. It is worth mentioning that obtaining WBS is no guarantee you will find social housing. WBS only allows you to rent a state-subsidised apartment if you manage to find one. People without WBS are not allowed to rent social housing.

Here you can learn whether you are eligible for WBS and find out which documents you need for your application.

What do I need to know?

Can I apply for WBS?

What documents do I need?

What type of apartment can I rent with WBS?

Where and how can I apply for WBS?

How long is my WBS valid?

Who can help me with my application?


Even if you are not eligible for WBS, you can apply for housing benefits ("Wohngeld") at the responsible Housing Benefit Office ("Wohngeldamt"). Housing benefits are provided for people who do not earn much. Keep in mind that those who receive benefits from the Jobcentre or Social Welfare Office are not eligible for housing benefits. On wohngeld.org, you will find the housing benefits application form appropriate for your state. You can locate the responsible Housing Benefit Office by googling the word "Wohngeldamt" and the name of your district.