Family Asylum

What options do we have?


If your family has come to Germany after your recognition as an individual entitled to asylum, refugee status or subsidiary protection and in the framework of family reunification, they have the option to apply for family asylum ("Familienasyl"). If accepted, your family will have the same status and rights as you do.

What do I need to know?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of a family asylum?

Who can apply for family asylum?

When and where can I apply for family asylum?

What residence status my family will have while their application for Family Asylum is being examined?

I cannot apply for a family asylum - what other options do I have?


If your family does not want to apply for a family asylum, but has their own distinct reasons for flight, they must nevertheless present those reasons to the BAMF. This issue may become of significance later if, for instance, your own recognition gets revoked at some point and your family wants to apply for asylum independent of you.