Registering your address in Germany

Where and when to do the "Anmeldung"?

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In principle, all those who come to Germany and want to stay longer than three months, have to register ("Anmeldung") their residential address with the German authorities after two weeksat the latest. Even if you move within Germany, you must always inform the authorities about your new address.

Important: This registration has nothing to do with the registration you -as an asylum seeker- need to do at the immigration office, i.e. refugees are required to do both. Find out more about registeration process for refugees in the chapter “Registration as an asylum seeker”. Details of registration laws are specified in the Federal Registration Act (BMG).

What do I need to know?

Who must register and when?

What documents do I have to submit to register?

What data is filed by the Registration Office?

What should I do when I'm moving out?

What other tasks does the registration office have?

Can I demand that my place of residence remains hidden?

What other registration obligations exist?


If you are being stalked or working in a profession in which you are potentially at risk, you can apply to block your personal data at your local Residents' Registration Office by §51 of the Federal Registration Law ("Bundesmeldegesetz"). Your address is then hidden and cannot be queried by a third party.