"Mini-Jobs" in Germany

What is a "450€ Job"?

From students and pensioners to stay-home mothers/fathers or even employees, many begin so-called "mini-jobs" or "450-euro jobs" to earn something extra on the side. Here you can learn what a mini-job actually is and what you have to consider as a someone with a mini-job.

What do I have to know?

What is a “mini-job”?

Where can I work as a mini-jobber?

What are my rights as a mini-jobber?

What are the advantages of a mini-job?

Do I have to pay taxes as a mini-jobber?

Can I have multiple mini-jobs simultaneously?

Can I have a mini-job alongside my full-time job?

How many hours can I work as a mini-jobber?

What happens if I earn more than 450 euro a month?

Can I have a mini-job despite receiving unemployment benefit I or benefits from the Jobcentre?

What is "Midi-job"?


Mini-jobbers and mid-jobbers are entitled to the statutory minimum wage. The statutory minimum wage is adjusted every year and amounts to 9.35 euro since January 1, 2020.