Termination of Employment Contract

Can my employer dismiss me?

Prospect of dismissal makes almost every employee nervous. But not every contract termination is legally valid. It is, therefore, crucial that you understand your rights and know what to do upon dismissal or in case you decide to quit your job.

What do I need to know?

Can I simply get fired?

What are the requirements for termination of an employment contract?

Can I prevent my dismissal?

Can my employer dismiss me without observing the statutory period of cancellation?

Can I get fired during a trial period ("Probezeit")?

What is a severance agreement ("Aufhebungsvertrag")?

What should I do If I am fired?

Can I get fired during pregnancy or parental leave?

Do people with disabilities have special protection against dismissal?

Can employers fire members of the works council?

How can I quit my job?


In Germany, employees enjoy considerable protection against dismissal. If you are dismissed, you should definitely seek legal advice. You can find help in your area at the counselling centres’ of faire-integration.de.