Work Permit for Refugees

When can I start to work?

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You need a work permit before you can start to work in Germany. And whether you would be issued a work permit depends on your residence permit. Here you can learn more about the regulations which apply to you when it comes to obtaining a work permit in Germany.

If you are not a refugee, visit our chapter “Immigration to Germany” to learn when and how you can apply for a work permit and enter the German job market.

Can I obtain a work permit?

My asylum application is still ongoing

I have a “Duldung”

I have a residence permit


Until summer 2016, work permits were granted to people in asylum procedure and the ones with a “Duldung” only if no German or EU citizen has applied for the position. In August 2016, this regulation became suspended in almost all regions of Germany. Since August 2019, the priority test is no longer necessary anywhere in Germany.