Works Council and Union

Why are they needed?

Works councils and unions are designed to protect the rights and interests of employees. Works councils are active in individual - larger - companies- and unions represent the interests of workers in specific industries. Here you can find out what the works council and union do and how you can become a member.

What do I need to know?

What does a works council do?

What does a union do?

What is a collective agreement ("Tarifvertrag")?

How can I join a union?

Can I become a works council member?

Can I create a works council in our company/organisation?

How long is a works council's term?

How many members must the works council have?

Can I be dismissed if I run/work for works council?

How can I set up a works council, exactly?


Works council promotes the rights and interests of employees and is provided support and advice by the relevant union.