How can I find a suitable internship position?

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Doing an internship helps you to gain work experience and can considerably improve your job opportunities. In many schools and universities, the students are expected to take part in a compulsory internship during their studies. Here you will learn about your rights as an intern, the benefits of doing an internship, and the crucial issues you need to consider before starting your internship.

What do I need to know?

What is an internship?

What types of internship exist?

How can I benefit from an internship?

What residence status do I need to start an internship?

What rights am I entitled to as an intern?

Can I receive wages during my internship?

Can I continue to receive financial assistance (BAföG) during an internship?

How can I find an internship position?

Can I do an internship despite receiving unemployment benefits?


Internships can be quite beneficial for your future career- but after gaining some experience, you should try to find a job instead of starting another internship. Keep in mind that some companies use interns as a cheap labour force. If you have the same responsibilities as an employed worker, you should ask the company or organisation for a permanent employment contract.