Integration Courses

How can I learn German?

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If you have recently arrived in Germany, you may find that the language is one of the biggest challenges to face. In order to interact with German authorities, study at university, do vocational training or find a job, you often need to be able to communicate in German. Knowing German also facilitate your settling down in Germany and enables you to connect to other German-speakers on a personal level. 

In an integration course, not only you will acquire the language, but also learn quite a lot about German culture and society. In this page, you can find out what exactly an integration course is and whether you can take part in it – you will also learn about the offices which can potentially cover the respective costs.

What do I need to know?

What is an integration course?

Can I take part in an integration course?

Do I have to take part in an integration course?

Where and how can I register for an integration course?

How much does an integration course usually cost?

What does an integration course include?

I did not pass the exam. What can I do?

I cannot attend an integration course - how can I learn German?


When you are entitled to participate in an integration course, you are often also obliged to do so- which means you have to register for a course by a specific date. The deadline is specified in the certificate of eligibility the BAMF has issued you. If you do not enrol in time, the Jobcentre or the Social Welfare Office may reduce the financial aid you receive.