Health Checks for Women

How can I keep myself healthy?

Approximately half a million people in Germany are diagnosed with cancer every year. Some types of cancer, such as breast or cervical cancer, are, in fact, usually curable - but only if detected in time. Free health checks are intended to ensure any problem can be detected early on so that doctors can identify diseases as early as possible to prevent them from becoming severe or possibly fatal.

What do I need to know?

What are preventive checkups?

Why should I go through checkups?

Who is entitled to preventive checkups?

Do I need approval from the health insurance company or Social Welfare Office for checkups?

Where and how can I make an appointment for checkups?

What happens if doctors find causes for concern during a checkup?

When shall I have which checkup?


A doctor's appointment often goes much easier when the patient and doctor speak the same language. You can find a medical practice where your language is spoken on the website of the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians: first, select your federal state and then click on "Erweiterte Suche" (Advanced search).