Recognition of foreign certificates

How are documents evaluated?

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Many of us want to make a career doing the profession in which we are qualified, but it may not be so easy to do so in another country. It is often challenging to understand the foreign language and the differences in the educational, academic and vocational training systems. What is the equivalent for my “Musaid Mudjaz” or “Diplom tiqani” from Syria in Germany? Is my “Lisans diplom mechanic” in Civil Engineering and Electro-Mechanical Engineering from the University of Kabul equivalent to a German Bachelor or Master degree? And how can I work as an Engineer in Germany? Is there a equivalent vocational training to my Syrian “at-tadrib takiif wa-al-hawa” (Ausbildung in Kälte- und Klimatechnik) in Germany. Isn’t a medical doctor the same all over the world? Do I need a licence to work in my field? Here you will find information on the three kinds of recognition, what you need to know before starting the process, where to get advice and what it costs. 

The recognition of professional qualifications means the assessment of the professional qualifications you've obtained abroad against the German standards in the same field. In the event of a positive result you will receive a confirmation of the equivalence of your qualification with the relevant German training certificates.The German law on the recognition of foreign certificates came into force in 2012. It says that every person with a foreign qualification has the right to a recognition process for his or her foreign qualification. This means you have the right for this procedure, regardless of your citizenship or residency status. 

The recognition process

Is my profession regulated in Germany?

Where can I get advice on the recognition process?

Which recognition centre is responsible for my qualification?

Recognition process of vocational qualifications

What will be the result of the recognition process?

Duration and Costs


In certain professions, you need to obtain a licence to be allowed to work. It is prohibited, for example, to work as a medical doctor without a licence.