Family Reunification for Immigrants

Can my family join me in Germany?

Marriage and the family are under special protection in Germany. Nevertheless, it is not that straightforward for third-country nationals to bring their family to Germany.

Whether you can bring your family to Germany depends primarily on your residence status. In addition, however, you need to meet many other requirements.

Here you can find out everything about family reunification for third-country nationals without a refugee background. The prerequisites for refugees are different. If you are a refugee, you can read more about family reunification in our chapter "Family reunification for refugees".

What do I need to know?

Can I apply for family reunification?

Which family members can join me in Germany?

What requirements do I have to meet for family reunification?

Are the conditions easier if I have German citizenship?

Where and how do I apply for family reunification?

What documents does my family have present at their appointment at the embassy?

What if the Immigration Office does not approve my application for family reunification?

Where can I seek advice and support?

What do I have to do after my family arrives in Germany?


When your family arrive in Germany, you need to register your family members at Citizen's Office and Immigration Office.