Women's Rights

Which rights do I have as a woman in Germany?

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The law enshrines women's rights in many countries, but in most societies, equal rights for women is not still fully realised. In Germany, this is particularly evident in inequality of opportunities in the field of business and politics. Sexualised and domestic violence, and international trafficking of women are among other critical issues. In Germany, women have already become more visible in the society compared to other countries, yet the women's movement is far from reaching its goal.

What do I need to know?

Women's quota in politics and business

Lower wages and unpaid work

Right to abortion

Prohibition of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)

Legitimate flight reasons specific to women

Child marriage

Prostitution and trafficking of women

Violence against women

Sexualised Violence: Rape, Sexual assault and Harassment


There are several contact points for women who have experienced physical, psychological or sexual violence in Germany, namely counselling centres and women's shelters. A women's shelter is a house in which women affected by violence can find protection. You can live there until your situation has been resolved. The addresses are confidential, which means nobody can find you there. At www.frauen-gegen-gewalt.de and frauenhauskoordinierung.de you can search for counselling in your language and/or women's shelters in your area. There is also a multi-lingual helpline which you can reach day or night by dialling 08000 116 016.