Job Hunting and Application

How can I find a job in Germany?

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The job market in Germany has numerous rules and regulations. In addition, you must meet some requirements to get a job. Many employers choose their employees mainly based on their certificates or degrees in the desired field. But even without the relevant certificates, you still have a chance to find a job.

Here you will learn about the steps you need to take to start your first job in Germany and the ways you can increase your chances of finding your dream job.

Here are two essential points you need to consider in advance:

  • German is spoken in most companies in Germany. In some cases, English will do; but for most jobs, you need to be able to communicate in German. There are many different ways to learn German or to improve your proficiency. Find out more in our chapter on "Language".
  • You need a work permit before you can start to work in Germany. For migrants, the work permit is directly linked to the residence permit. You can find out more about this in our chapter "Immigration". If you have fled to Germany, whether you can work or not depends on your current residence status. You can find out more in our chapter "Work Permit for Refugees".

How can I find a job?

Qualifications: What can I do for a living?

Job market: Which professions exist in Germany?

Job Search: How to find a Job?

Application: Which documents do I need?

Interview: How do I convince the employer to hire me?

Application accepted/rejected: what's next?


During your search, you might come across dubious job offers in some newspapers or on certain websites. You need to be careful and always check the employment contract thoroughly before signing.