Information for Skilled Workers

Update 17.05.2024

Professional training and working in Germany

Germany is looking for skilled workers– but who exactly is considered a "skilled worker"? Professionals with vocational training or professional qualifications, so-called “highly qualified” people with university degrees and those undergoing vocational training in Germany count as "skilled workers" or "Fachkräfte". In other words, those who are studying or doing vocational training here.

Skilled workers require a visa and then a residence permit to enter and stay in Germany. There are different types of residence permit depending on the exact purpose of the stay. The information below covers different types of visa and is relevant both for skilled workers who are still abroad and the ones already living in Germany.

Here you will also find detailed information on the recognition procedure for degrees or professional qualifications. We also inform you about the requirements for family reunification and the schooling of children. You will also find an overview of your first steps in Germany below.

You can find all other information about life in Germany under the various categories on our website (e.g. "Life", "Health", "Learning" or "Family"). If you still have questions, please visit our Together in Germany community platform and seek support. You can ask your questions anonymously– Our community managers and experts will be happy to answer.

Visa & Residence

National Visa Type D

Can I enter Germany and stay for long term? Who needs a national visa for entering Germany? How is national visa different from Schengen visa? What documents do I need to present when applying for a national visa type D?

Visa and Residence Permit for Students

How can I obtain a student visa and study in a university in Germany? Can I stay in Germany after graduation?

Visa for Vocational Training

Can I come to Germany for vocational training? Which requirements do I need to meet to obtain a vocational training visa?

Visa for Recognition of Professional Qualifications

Can I come to Germany to have my qualifications recognised? How can I participate in a qualification programme? 

Visa for Self-Employment

Can I come to Germany to work as a self-employed professional? What requirements do I need to meet for a visa?

Declaration of Commitment for National Visa Type D

What is a declaration of commitment for National Visa Type D? What requirements do I have to meet to submit one?

“Opportunity Card” for Jobseekers

The "Chancenkarte" is a points-based system that allows you to stay in Germany to look for work.

Visa for Seeking a Vocational Training or University Programme

Can I come to Germany to look for a vocational training position or university programme? What are the requirements?

Permanent Residence Permit for Immigrants

Can I obtain permanent residence permit and settle in Germany? Where and how can I apply? What requirements do I need to meet?

Recognition Procedure (for degrees & professional qualifications)

Recognition of foreign certificates

Do I have to have my certificates recognised? What can I do if my degree is not (or is only partially) recognised?

Certified copies

What is a certified copy? Why do I need it, and where can I obtain it? Do I have to pay to make a certified copy of my documents?


Family Reunification for Immigrants

What kind of residence permit I need for my family to be able to come to Germany? What are the prerequisites for family reunification? Where can I apply? What if the Immigration office reject my application?

Kita: Childcare in Germany

What are my childcare options as a parent in Germany? Where can I get help if I cannot find a childminder or kindergarten? 

Schools in Germany

What types of school exist in each German federal state? What kind of evaluation and certificate system exist in my federal state? 

Child Benefit

Am I entitled to "Kindergeld" in Germany? Where and when can I apply for child benefits? And which documents do I have to submit along with my application? 

Your First Steps in Germany

Searching for a Flat

How do I find a flat in Germany? What do I need to know about flat-hunting? How can I protect myself against scammers?

Registering your address in Germany

Do I have to register my address ("Anmeldung") in Germany? Where and when should I register? What documents do I have to submit?

Bank Account

What is the difference between normal banks and "direct banks"? What can I do when a bank refuses to open an account for me?

Health Insurance

Is it true that everyone must have health insurance in Germany? What types of health insurance are there to choose from, and which best suits me? Which medical costs are covered by health insurance? 

Learning German

Where can I learn German? Are there options more affordable than expensive language schools? Where can I learn German online?

German for Work

What is a "Berufssprachkurs"? Who can take part it a work-related German course? Do I have to take part in a work-related German course before working in my profession?

Integration Course

What is an integration course? How can I learn German if I cannot take part in an integration course?

Labour rights

What is an "Abmahnung" and when may my employer send me one? Where can I get help when I face problems at work? 

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