Residence Permits for Individuals with "Duldung"

From tolerated stay to an actual residence permit

Many people live in Germany with "Duldung" for years. But those with "Duldung" who meet specific requirements can also obtain a residence permit. If you do not meet all the conditions, you can seek advice from a counselling centre, for instance, the Refugee Council in your state.

Please note: The months or years during which you have a "Duldung for persons with no identification document" (according to §60b of the Residence Act) are not counted as a pre-“Duldung” period. That means you can't count them when you are required to be in Germany for a certain number of years to qualify for a certain type of residence permit. You can learn more in our chapter "Duldung" for People with "Unclear Identities" (Duldung Light).

What options do I have?

Residence permit for humanitarian reasons (§25 par. 5 Residence Act)

Residence permit for well-integrated adults (§25b Residence act)

Residence permit for well-integrated youth and adolescent (§25a Residence Act)

Residence permit for qualified individuals with a "Duldung" (§18a Residence Act)

Where and how can I apply for a residence permit?

Where can I find advice and support?


If you meet almost all of the requirements for a specific residence permit for tolerated persons (people with “Duldung”) while missing only one or two, you should seek advice from a counselling centre or a lawyer: under certain conditions, there may still be some ways to obtain the residence permit.