Permanent Residence Permit

Can I stay in Germany permanently?

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If you have fled to Germany and been issued a residence permit for political or humanitarian reasons, upon fulfilment of certain pre-conditions, you can apply for a permanent residence permit after 3 or 5 years.

The permanent residence permit is also called settlement permit. It allows you to reside in Germany, without having to extend your residence permit regularly. With a permanent residence permit, you may also choose to live anywhere within Germany, as residence restrictions will no longer apply.

In addition to the German permanent residence permit, there is also a permanent EC residence permit. With a permanent EC residence permit, you have the possibility of obtaining additional residence permits from other EU-countries.

Essential questions about the permanent residence permit

When can I apply for a permanent residence permit?

Where can I apply for a permanent residence permit?

Could I lose my permanent residence permit?

Permanent EC residence permit (Erlaubnis zum Daueraufenthalt-EU)

The Permanent EC Residence permit is a special form of residence permit. With this type of residence permit, you are able to obtain residence permits from other EU member states and –upon fulfilment of specific preconditions- also live and work there. The permanent EC residence permit is valid indefinitely. You can apply for one in addition to your German permanent residence permit.

Important questions regarding the permanent EC residence

When and where can I apply for a permanent EC residence permit?

Which pre-requisites should I meet to obtain a residence permit in another EU country?

Can I lose my permanent EC residence permit?


The permanent EC residence permit is not the only way to obtain rights of residence in other EU countries. Qualified workers can often obtain other types of residence permits. Seek advice from counselling services and authorities in the relevant country.