Visa for Recognition of Professional Qualifications

Can I obtain a visa to attend qualification programmes in Germany?

Recognition of foreign qualifications enables people who have completed their training abroad to work in their profession in Germany. The process of recognition is what the so-called “recognition offices “do. Sometimes, however, some necessary elements for full recognition of a foreign qualification are missing. If that is the case for you, you can attend a qualification programme in Germany, for example, a technical training course or a job-related German course and then, have your qualification fully recognised. To participate in such a programme, you need a visa or residence permit for the purpose of recognising foreign professional qualifications per Section 16d of the Residence Act.

What do I need to know?

Can I obtain a visa to have my professional qualifications recognised?

Where can I submit my foreign professional qualification for recognition?

Where do I apply for a visa?

What documents do I need for a visa/residence permit?

What happens after entering the country?

Can I work alongside the qualification programme?

What happens after the completion of the qualification programme?


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