Born in Germany

Right of residence for German-born children and their parents

When a child is born, the joy of parenting is often accompanied by many questions and concerns. Apart from general questions about pregnancy and childcare, refugee/migrant parents often have to address other issues, such as residence permit. In this chapter, you can learn about the residence rights to which you and your German-born child are entitled.

Which rights do we have?

Does my German-born child get German citizenship?

Does my German-born child receive a residence permit?

Can I obtain a residence permit if my child has German nationality?

Can I obtain a residence permit if I have a child with a residence permit?

What does paternity recognition ("Vaterschaftsanerkennung") mean?

What can I do when the father does not recognise paternity?


For children of stateless parents, there are particular requirements for acquiring German citizenship. You can find more information about this topic in the abstract "Does my German-born child get German citizenship".