All about employment in Germany - from work permits to entrepreneurship

Here you can learn more about your rights as an employee

Sick Leave

When do I need a sick leave note ("Krankschreibung")? Can I stay home when my child is sick? Is it possible to get a sick note from[...]

Here you can learn all about self-employment in Germany
Here you will learn more about job hunting in Germany
Here you can learn more about social security and taxation in Germany

Tax Declaration

Do I have to do a tax declaration? How can I benefit from a voluntary tax declaration? What types of tax relief are there for[...]

Social Insurances

Do I have to make contributions to social insurances? How can social insurances help me in cases such as long-term illness and[...]

Local Information

Counselling & support on-site

Do you need support or counselling service in your area? Then you've come to the right place! With our search engine, you can effortlessly search for free counselling centres, language cafés and other nearby offers.

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