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Situation in Ukraine

Current Information

Here you will find all the current information about entry and residence for people from Ukraine and for Ukrainians in Germany. The page is updated regularly and is available in English, Ukrainian, Russian and German.

Women talking about WBS
WBS: Affordable Flats in Germany

Can I rent a state-subsidised flat?

The "Wohnberechtigungsschein" (WBS) is the certificate you require to rent a state-subsidised flat. Here is how you can apply for one. 

"Mini-Jobs" in Germany

Can I get a so-called "€450 Job"?

From students and pensioners to stay-home parents and even some employees, many seek so-called "mini-jobs" or "€450 jobs" to earn something extra on the side. Here is what you need to consider before starting a mini job. 

Child attending a class
State Aid for Student

What is "Bildungs- und Teilhabepaket"?

The so-called "Bildungspaket" or "Educational Package" is a form of state aid for children from low-income families intended to enable them to participate in school-related and leisure activities. Here is how you can apply. 

Germany from A to Z

Every country has its specific characteristics. We know what it feels like to be new in Germany because many of us have gone through the same experience. Here we offer essential tips on asylum, housing, health, kindergarten, university, work and much more in 8 different languages. The Handbook Germany team provides crucial information on an extensive range of topics - here you can find from A to Z of life in Germany on a single website! Our videos and articles help you figure out how to manage in different everyday life situations. On our local pages, you will find useful contact information and addresses in your area. Get in touch on Facebook, we'd be happy to help!

Counselling on-site

Are you new to Germany? Do you need support or counselling service in your area? If so, then you've come to the right place.
With our search engine, you can effortlessly search for free counselling centres, language cafés and other nearby offers.

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